Our Philosophy



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To facilitate meeting our program goals, TLC will provide a center based, child directed, teacher facilitated curriculum, rich in hands on experiences that provide a direct correlation to real life.

TLC utilizes themes which provide opportunities for children to learn about self, family, community and God's world.  Activities are provided to help each child develop readiness skills for language, reading, writing, and math skills appropriate to his or her stage of development.

Children are also provided activities to build upon developing character traits such as sharing, caring, working together, respect, truth and trust.  We believe that children become persons of character when there is an effort on the part of families, schools, churches, and orginazations to both model and teach these character qualities.

Open the doors of The Learning Center at St. Anthony of Padua (TLC) and be welcomed into a child's world, full of imagination and where learning is fun!

The Learning Center at St. Anthony of Padua is committed to teaching children in a loving environment according to Gospel values.  We believe that one of our most basic responsibilities is to promote Christian values for the good of every individual and for all of society.

TLC believes that young children are unique individuals who develop at independent rates in a meaningful environment.  The programs we offer to Pre-school and School age children are designed to enable them to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, linguistically, physically, and spiritually.